What You Should Bring to the First Meeting With a Rao DeBoer Osterrieder (RDO) - Patent & Trademark Attorney

  • Contact information for all inventors

Full legal name


Phone number



  • A writing on how the patent works and the point(s) of novelty

An invention disclosure statement

  • Any drawings (formal or informal), pictures and/or prototypes

  • Any copies previously filed related patents

  • Any patent research conducted and results

  • What about foreign protection?

Consider if your business needs protection in other markets outside of the United States.

  • An idea of what you are planning to do with the patent

Licensing - so that you receive a stream of income

Asset - to manufacture the product and/or process; to sell it yourself or allow other(s) to do so

Public Relations - use various sources of media to promote the invention and the company

Litigation - a weapon to defend your market share by being able to prevent your competitors from making, using, selling and importing your invention

  • Do you have trademarks? Or have you considered obtaining one?

  • Do you have copyrights? Or have you considered obtaining one?